My name is David Bourke.

I'm a former senior member of the Spooky Core Team. I designed and developed all of Spooky2's built-in protocols, and many of the standalone presets. I also wrote, designed, and produced all of the Spooky Guides and documents, as well as the website. Until the morning of 11 September 2017, I was the lead administrator of the Spooky2 Forum, which I founded in January 2014, and held in trust for all Spooky users.

Thanks to my hand-picked admin and mod team, and many of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable Members, the Spooky2 Forum became the most exciting and vibrant Rife forum in the world, and its membership leaped to almost 10,000 in a little over three years. Due solely to the team's selfless unpaid hard work and compassionate assistance to users, Spooky2 became the best-selling Rife system in history, and it now leads the market by a decisive margin.

Since I'm no longer a member of either the Spooky Core Team or the Forum Team, I'm now devoting all my time and energy to four personal projects, each one Spooky-related, and all very close to my heart.

Spooky2 ICU is one of them. Right now, this website is under construction. I have quickly uploaded what you see here to provide a place of refuge for awake and aware Spooky2 Forum Members angry and desperately unhappy about what has become of their once-proud Forum since the catastrophic misjudgements and deceptions of 9/11, still taking place daily, and kept carefully hidden from the eyes of all Spooky users.

The ICU Forum is secure, and registration is tightly controlled to prevent infiltration by the enemies of truth, transparency, and the founding principles of Spooky.

Soon, this website will be fully built and operational. I intend it to be your garden of light, love, and freedom. So namaste, my friends, you are very welcome to Spooky2 ICU. What's coming here shortly will give you and your loved ones the power to get well soon. And then to live well.