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Next you'll see the Registration Form. Please complete this correctly to avoid delays in getting your account up and running so you can log in as soon as possible.

Enter your first name and family name (surname) only. Single or double initials are also fine instead of a first name. Email addresses won't work as ICU Forum Member Names. The Spooky2 ICU Forum uses email to keep you informed of what's going on with Member activities you're involved with. So please ensure you enter your address correctly, otherwise you won't know whether you need to log in.

Please don't use a name like "joker123, "RifeMan," or a fake name like "Frank Sinatra" because your registration will be automatically deleted.

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The Spooky2 ICU Mission:

Our mission here is always to tender compassionate care to all our Members. The foundations on which we built this website and forum are truth, honor, and compassion. We don't pay mere lip service to these priceless human nobilities – they burn bright in the hearts of each member of our team, and they justify and validate our lives.

Unless they are abusive, we do not ever censor posts here because we have been victims of censorship and suppression ourselves twice before. And we vehemently oppose the tools, agents, and philosophy of totalitarianism, no matter where we find it.

Please treat us – and all your fellow Forum Members – as we treat you.

Namaste. Welcome to the Forum of the free.